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Confidence, enthusiasm and modernity are the fruits of our passion.

The world of gastronomy continues to evolve. The expectations and demands of the market only strengthen our expertise and enable us to ensure the best products and services for our current and future customers.

Our constant concern for the respect of products, producers, proximity and our customers, both in terms of quality and service, are, before price, our assets for a healthy and sustainable development of our business.

We are also committed to encouraging the next generation of culinary professions, through support programmes and the transmission of knowledge in gastronomy.

Exceptional fruit and vegetables, state-of-the-art logistics, customer service and 24/7 availability are the guarantees of our constant growth in French-speaking Switzerland.

I welcome you to Léguriviera

David Lizzola, managing director and founder

How we work

Our constant concern for the respect of the products, the producers, the proximity and our customers, both on the quality and the service, are, before the price, our assets for a healthy and sustainable development of our activity.

We offer you more than 3,000 products, including local and organic products, selected according to your needs from our privileged network of partners/producers
Léguriviera Groupe presents itself to you through a series of films that take you to the heart of the company, the leader in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for exceptional fruit and vegetables!

We invite you to discover what makes us so passionate, and what makes all of our employees so passionate about meeting the daily challenge of providing you with the best products under the best conditions.

Following this link discover Leguriviera Group in video.


Adaptations and improvements are continually being made, for example the development of an efficient IT system and the achievement of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certification. Various innovations and transformations are carried out in order to meet customer requirements and the strictest hygiene standards.

Greater Geneva branch certified by GRTA

With the constant concern of satisfying the requirements of our customers we are pleased to inform you that we fully meet the criteria defined by the ICO and that we are now certified Genève Région Terre Avenir, GRTA.

These international standard certifications are the most coveted in our sector. They mainly guarantee the safety of our foodstuffs, good hygiene practices, and focus on the skills of the staff.


So many specific requirements and criteria that we were able to meet with flying colours.

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David Lizzola

CEO & Founder

T. +41 58 595 95 00

Cédric Avert

Head of Analytics, Quality and IT

T. +41 58 595 95 00
M. + 41 79 240 66 00

Sandrine Couturier

Head of Human Resources

T. +41 58 595 95 00
M. +41 79 387 15 87